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Update: 15th June, 2020.

I intend to expand this page more extensively in the near future.

Battle lines are drawn. Where will you stand? May 31st, 2020.


OK. This is where I combine a number of factors. The first is the observation and experience of the human race. The second is the news and information that is not reported in the mainstream media, but which can demonstrate what lays ahead for us. Both of these initial factors can form the basis of a soundly argued thesis.

The third factor will be my precognitive and other 'supernatural' abilities. This will be backed-up by my ever-reliable instinct. It is my instinct that has guided me so successfully and has inspired me to hunt down the information I need for my research into alternative agendas. The final piece of the jigsaw will be Bible references.

When I put everything together, and whatever you think of my abilities, much will make sense. In fact, having precognitive ability will not really be needed when we can clearly see where humanity is headed.

NB. Please bare with me as I 'lay some groundwork'. It is to help explain how I came to my conclusions.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

So begins Bible scripture. But what is God? Different cultures have different perspectives, but we know that in some way, shape or form, we exist. We exist because the universe exists. But where does intelligence come from? Our DNA? Our planets and other phenomena? Everything was created, and even be it so amongst a chaotic explosion of mass that spreads across our known universe.

God is an artist. His random design has a purpose that does not appear to us in material form. We can only speculate on the reason for our existence. But regardless of why we are here, we are here and we lead our lives according to our interpretation of the world we live in. But here’s the rub ...

If we are created by God, why? What is the purpose of our lives? Is it just to eat, drink, breathe and defecate? Are we no more than animals created for the amusement or enjoyment of a much greater force. And it the God who created the universe the same as the ‘god’ who created humanity?

If we accept God created the universe, then ultimately, this led to our creation. Question is this; do we exist in the form that God intended for us? Or is there been other factors to consider? Are we a natural evolution of the planet that has created so much diversity? Or has the human race been ‘tinkered with’ to create homo sapiens in the image of a creator other than the God of the universe - the other ‘god’?

We also ask what exactly is humanity? Whatever is responsible for our physical form, where did our spiritual form originate from? This is where I lose some of the readers who think we only have one life, that death really is the end. I strongly beg to differ.

“The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. ... In other words, energy cannot be created or destroyed.”

So if we die, that is our physical form finally fails us, where doe our energy go? And in what form does our energy exist? If you accept the first law of thermodynamics, we do not die - we simply ‘transform’.

The First Law of Thermodynamics

Our ability to rationalise, to evolve, to eventually become something far greater than we currently experience (imagine what a primitive human being would make of humanity today), shows that there is more to the human body than just biological functions. We also have souls. In fact, I conjecture that the human body is simply no more than a vehicle for the soul. With a mechanical vehicle, it will eventually fail to serve the demands of a more advanced environment. So we update our vehicles. Can the human soul also move to another human body after the existing body has failed? Is there reincarnation? Or do we just transform and our energy moves to a different dimension (to, or closer to, those concepts we call Heaven and Hell)? Perhaps it is both. Perhaps our existence in human form is to perfect us for the next evolution. And if we fail, we get another chance to learn through reincarnation. Who knows? Some cultures do incorporate reincarnation as part of their faith.

The bottom line here is that we are more than flesh and blood. And if we are more than this, what is our spiritual form capable of outside our three dimensional world? Can we leave our bodies before death and move more freely in our spiritual form? Why not? So if we can, what are we capable of? And how do we make sense of our experiences outside of our bodies when we are exposed to a dimension, or dimensions, that our we are not accustomed to in the physical world?

I mention all of this because when I say I can experience events outside of my own body, then it it is not so much fantasy as it is a feasible proposition. Here endeth the first lesson!

Prophecy and the future.

Spiritual matters aside, let’s begin this part of the story with published scientific research. What is happening now that should be ringing alarm bells in our head and make us concerned about the future. We have seen and experienced to some degree the absolute insanity and evil of forces that bring so much destruction to our planet. History is littered with some of the worst atrocities that mankind could ever imagine. Have we evolved beyond this behaviour? Or is it that we have not changed form our in-bred failings and keep finding novel ways to maintain suffering?

The only difference to our psyche now is that we are, and have been in our recent history, exposed to far more information than we previously had access to. You would think that experiencing all the appalling things that happen in our world would make us more resistant to reality which we experience. A hundred years ago, we had to rely upon the press and radio broadcasts to tell us what to think. Now we have access to far more information. Problem is, humanity does not change that much. Yes, there are more of us aware now of our terrible existence, but for many, it is still business as usual. Pick up a mainstream newspaper, turn on your TV. The propaganda goes on and on, just like 100 years ago. And the ’sheeple’ who believe almost everything they are led to believe. They remain as loyal as ever to their own ignorance and stupidity.

The conclusion to this principle is that the future becomes more predictable as too few wish to challenge anything that ultimately be detrimental to them. Yes, you can fool some of the people all of the time. “How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and [how] hard it is to undo that work again!” - Mark Twain.

Published work that is either ignored by the mainstream media, or misrepresented.

Information control is going to be even more important than ever in the future. This is because the New World Order will not be able to survive unless they have complete control over what we see, hear and learn.

There are two ways to deal with sensitive material of public interest. Either ignore it or denigrate it (or it’s publisher).

With mainstream media, most of their news is just non-political everyday ‘fluff’. There is no need to lie or deceive. Just tell it like it is. But once in a while, something very damaging to the establishment comes along and needs to be suppressed. Sometimes, it will only find the oxygen of very limited publicity and the powers-at-be will not be concerned if such information only spreads among ‘conspiracy theorists’. However, when a large swathe of the population starts to ask questions, and begin to smell a rat, then the establishment swings into action. The two favoured methods are destroy the reputation of the publisher, and also destroy his or her work by counteracting their findings by using obedient and servile establishment ‘professionals’ to denigrate the publisher’s methods and findings.

I have seen it done numerous times. I have heard of honest and reputable scientists have their work destroyed by those with an alternative agenda. And sometimes, the establishment will also put down the publisher by impugning their professional, and sometimes personal reputation. When a revelation has to be suppressed, the establishment will stop at nothing to prevent it becoming established science. Take it as granted that this really does happen.

This is all I have to say on this issue. But I will add that if you wish to learn more about the world around you, and what you really should be informed about, seek out alternative media. Seek out the ‘conspiracy theorists’ who do no more than try to make sense of the damaging (to the establishment) evidence they reveal, but are publicly humiliated for daring to be open and honest. Yes, there are some crazy theories ‘out there’, but do not put all conspiracy theorists in the same group. Learn to differentiate.

Precognitive ability

How can anyone see into the future? How can we tell what is going to happen when we have either no knowledge of an event, or it has not yet occurred? There is a simple answer! The future has already happened! What?

Consider that everything that happens in the universe has, in fact, already happened. Consider we are no more than a very short mention in a very long saga. If the story has already been written, who is to say some of us cannot flick forward a page or two and see what is written ahead of our time?

Prophets are not a new development in our evolution. One of the most famous (John of Patmos) is responsible for the Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible.

Now the question is this: if the future has already happened, how do we access the information contained therein? There is certainly no way we can physically attain such knowledge. This is because in our three dimensional world, we are locked into a reality that happens at a set tempo. In other words, we have to dance to the tune because that is the only option open to us. But when our spirit leaves our bodies, then we can experience events ahead of our time.

The danger of leaving one’s body is obvious. Make sure you can get back in again! There is likely only one way to leave one’s body. That is through death, or the ‘suspension’ of physical life.

Now I have numerous medical conditions which threaten me on a regular basis. I have described these on the ‘Past’ page of this website. But it is the future that is of concern now. What do I expect to happen, and what have I ‘seen’ in my dream-visions? The most important is my vision of the Anti-Christ. It goes like this:

It must have been some time after 1993, but perhaps well before the death of Diana, that I had a vision of the Anti-Christ. I mention the Royal connection for reasons I shall give shortly.


I was in a room. Ahead of me was a group of people, and a throne. As I approached the group, they dispersed very quickly. Perhaps so they could not be identified. Left behind, and standing next to the throne was a single person. He wore robes similar to those worn by certain prominent figures. Either Royalty, Members of the House of Lords, or perhaps even the Pope himself. It was such a long time ago, it's difficult to recall exact details. As I approached this person, he held his hands over his face. He too did not want to be identified. But because of the robes he was wearing, I knew he was someone of great importance. He was not wearing a crown. I felt he was someone waiting to assume power. Before my vision faded, I saw a 'symbolic' pair of horns on his forehead. They were not physically present, only spiritually.

I am loosely following events concerning possible candidates. I think I shall know when power will be granted to the Anti-Christ. At this time, just after the end of World War III. This is when many will look for leadership, and the Beast will offer himself as a saviour. But there will be a price to pay. More about this in Genesis 2.

The Book of Revelations. There have been numerous claims made over centuries about the ‘end of the world’ and the coming of Christ. Even today, and based upon the spiritual, scientific, technological and medical events occurring right now, it is no surprise that some think we are in the ‘end of days’. Established evidence?

Firstly, let's look at the Pope and the Vatican.

I have taken the liberty of copying some material from one of my other websites to explain theories about the Pope and the Vatican.

"The Catholic Church owns a number of luxurious London properties as part of a property empire originally funded by fascist dictator Mussolini, it has been claimed. The Vatican has used an offshore company structure to build up its portfolio of expensive properties now worth around £560 million. Investment in international property was initiated by the church when Mussolini afforded it a huge windfall in 1929 in return for papal recognition of his fascist regime." - Multiple media sources.

Benito Mussolini

Note: Benito Mussolini was the fascist dictator of Italy during World War II. He was an ally of the German Nazis.

The Church is also quite secretive about it's investments and only releases limited information about how it goes about doing business. But one concern is the investment in 'chemicals'. What chemicals, exactly? How much has the Church invested in destructive industries? I'm sure we would all like to know.

As well as falling in love with Mussolini's money, and granting him recognition (and despite his involvement with the Nazis), the Church also took some former Nazis to it's bosom.

The first of these is accused of being a collaborator - so the story goes. Karol (Józef) Wojtyla is the person in question. He went on to become Pope John Paul II.

Popular history records Wojtyla's life as something not related to any form of treachery. In fact, there is not even a hint of collaboration. The problem with history is that it is written by the victors, and not the defeated. I know from my own limited research, that the official account of World War II is far from complete, it is is far from accurate, and it has conveniently glossed over the USA's involvement in the development of Nazi Germany. So we have to question is Wojtyla's part in this story is being honestly recorded, or if it is being manipulated to hide any involvement for the Nazis as a chemist.

There is a curious issue that needs to be addressed about how Wojtyla became Pope. His predecessor was John Paul I ("JPI"). The official cause of death of JPI was myocardial infarction caused by a pulmonary embolism. One of the earlier stories relates how JPI was denied medical help. It is claimed he was 'allowed' to die so that Wojtyla could become Pope.

Allowed to die? It is claimed that JPI refused help and "wanted to die".[1] Really? Why would a man agree to becoming Pope only to express a death wish within days? Does this add up?

What is further curious about JPI's death is that it happened 33 days after he became Pope. 33 is a number which has significance in Masonic circles. But I will discuss this further in the section on Freemasonry. Just keep it it mind for now.

After Wojtyla's death in 2005, the new Pope was elected. This was Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, who took the name Benedict XVI. He reigned until 2013. Ratzinger was a member of the Nazi Youth during World War II, but whether his participation was compulsory (as it had eventually become), or if it was voluntary, is perhaps not important. But it does raise the question why two consecutive Popes had links to the Nazis (albeit one allegedly).

To add further spice to this story is that the current Pope is Argentinian, Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He is now known as Pope Francis. This links us to the so-called 'Ratlines' which were employed towards and at the end of the war against Germany. Prominent Nazis were 'spirited' away from Germany and relocated in Argentina (and other South American countries). This all occurred with the assistance of the Church.[2] You would have to read more at the link provided to understand what happened.

There is also the issue of all those Germans who considered themselves as 'Christian' during the war. Christian? Would Christians tolerate the Holocaust? Why would the population be described as largely Christian and yet allow the persecution of other denominations go unabated? And what about the Catholic element. Why did the Pope Pious XII not call for all Catholics to observe Christian principles and lay down their arms? Although there was a German contingent in Rome, the Vatican remained free of occupation. Trade off? Did Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church accept the atrocities being perpetrated around them in exchange for not being occupied?[3,4,5]

Now while some of the things I have said about the Nazi-Pope connection are only circumstantial, it is curious that the Nazi link has evolved over the 70+ years. Consider researching this yourself as it is far too comprehensive to be covered here. References:

  1. John Paul I murdered?
  2. Ratlines
  3. Pope Pius XII
  4. Religion in Nazi Germany
  5. The Holocaust


There are those who think the worship and adulation of icons is wrong. But it is not icons that should preoccupy us. There are other architectural elements to the Church that should concern us. Perhaps the most striking is in the Pope's Audience Hall, and the design of the building itself.

The building has been designed so that internally, it looks (through a fish-eye lens) as though it resembles a serpent. This is no surprise as the Catholic Church has slowly been infiltrated with Satanic elements over many decades (if not centuries). Pope John Paul I's reported desire was to make the Church more secular and encompass other religious orders. Essentially, this is the blueprint for a New World Order where Satan is the only God. Looking towards the platform where the Pope is enthroned, we can see that it is designed as part of the image of the serpent, with the two fangs of the serpent either side of the Pope. Ergo, the Pope is speaking from the mouth of the serpent.

There are those who think the worship and adulation of icons is wrong. But it is not icons that should preoccupy us. There are other architectural elements to the Church that should concern us. Perhaps the most striking is in the Pope's Audience Hall, and the design of the building itself.

Resurrection Sculpture Fisheye Serpent Church Demons

Note that the sculpture is supposed to be Jesus Christ rising from a nuclear holocaust. Nuclear holocaust? Is that what the Catholic Church is predicting?

The statue is Hellish in its imagery. But it has also been claimed that it is in fact Aballon, the angel of the bottomless pit, who is rising to Earth amongst a legion of dead souls. Whatever you wish to consider, it is grotesque. I conclude this section with some 'Serpent Dancers' performing for the Pope. Note the configuration of 1 over 3 (Aballon presiding over the 'Council of 3'?).

Audience Hall Snake Head Serpent Acrobats

Secondly, established technology

There is the nanotechnology that has already been designed which can change is from human to (ultimately) part human beings. Even Elon Musk has suggested recently that humans must become more like machines, in order to compete with them when they are equipped with Artificial Intelligence and enhanced abilities. So as the technology already exists, it seems inevitable that some people, those who are desperate for work in a New World Order, will succumb to being modified for employment purposes.

Then we have Microsoft (and read Bill Gates) ‘666’ technology. The patent for this initially involves a user being equipped with technology to generate digital currency. While it will be an external application to begin with, eventually we can envisage it being implanted. The following information is already well-circulated among like-minded researchers. But I include it here for the uninitiated and for completeness.

The '666' Patent

At some point in the future, money will disappear. Your financial security will sit in the hands of those who will control all aspects of your life. Big Brother will be able to ruin you financially just a click of a button. You will be no more than a slave. Your whole existence will be shaped by those who can pull you around like a marionette. And who will make this all possible? Those who have already designed the technology and are waiting for the day they get the green light to go ahead and implant you with a chip. Potential candidates are Microsoft, Bill Gates, and anyone else favoured by the Government to get the job done. So are Microsoft and Bill Gates servants of the Anti-Christ? Why should we see Gates this way? OK, he is no longer with Microsoft as an executive, but is still (to my knowledge) holding a financial interest in the company. One expects all doors at Microsoft are still open to him as and when he decides to pay a visit.

Maybe it is Gates who was the inspiration behind the '666' technology which could turn us all into walking 'ATMs' and which will ensure nobody can buy goods without the '666' chip in their hand? The '666' chip? See below for some very strong evidence: Patent reference WO2020060606 - CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA

Read more about: Microsoft's '666' technology

666 Chip

Essentially, this technology allows the user to generate 'cryptocurrency' simply by movement. One way to acquire these currencies is by 'mining', but yields are very low for the effort involved. One waits to see if the excuse for people to generate a little 'free' cash will be enough to inspire enough users to take up the offer of such technology. I do suspect though that it is a ruse just to get the users accustomed to being chipped in the future.

Another company that has offices in India, the UK and the US should send some shivers down your spine. The video on their homepage suggests that their technology may just end up in your body and incorporated into your DNA. Well, that is one view. And why would they imply it? You can check for yourself here:

[1] VCODE Technology [2] COVIPASS


'VCode' ... and it's final destination?


Do you want artificial technology becoming part of your genetic make-up? What about it linking up to your '666' Chip. And if Bill Gates really gets his way, well ... read on ...


This is a presentation Bill Gates gave on February 13-16 in Seattle. Read more about it here:

Envisioning Tomorrow's Earth

Note: The interesting part begins after the first 15 minutes and 52 seconds of the video.

CRISPR gene 'editing':

Gene Modification

Firstly on the skin, and now under the skin. We know the next step, don't we?


"World's lamest cyborg? My microchip isn't cool now – but it could be the future"

Cool thing to do? Seriously?

Chip Me Up

Thousands of Swedes get chipped

“It was fun to try something new and to see what one could use it for to make life easier in the future,”

Microchipping in Sweden

Israel's Netanyahu wants to microchip kids?

Microchipped Children



Elon Musk


Combine the exercise conducted using the Covid-19 virus, put it together with microchipping people. Then add gene editing, and a sorry picture emerges. The simple fact remains that some people are already microchipping themselves and / or their children. This technology will just be like the craze for the latest cellphones. So many people just want to get upgraded whenever they can. So what is to discourage them from having a computer-controlled system in their body? That remains to be seen. Circumstances in a New World Order after World War III may dictate it. Of course, we must not also forget all those 5G base units saturating our cities. Where will they fit in? A part of the new system of control? And Elon Musk's (& co.) satellites? There will be no escape.

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