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Update: 15th June, 2020.

I intend to expand this page more extensively in the near future.

Satan arrives, is defeated. The world is reclaimed for the chosen ones. May 31st, 2020.

God’s plan, Jesus ... and the ETs?

Before I commence this final chapter, I would like you to be aware of a real-life incident that took place in the late 1990s. This, I swear, and upon all things I hold sacred, is a true story.

The ETs: the future is also the past.

It was in the early 1990s that I was introduced to a very senior scientist who was investigating the effects of mobile phone technology. This scientist was, I am informed, also connected to the 'spooks' who, again I am told, took this person's work very seriously.

Our topic of interest was microwave radiation form cellphone masts. As a layperson, there was an obvious gulf in knowledge and education. I was a home-based researcher, the scientist was a member of one the Royal Society. We were as diverse in our backgrounds as any two people could almost be.

This did not prevent my scientist contact from consulting with me on our shared topic of interest. The respect for my own rationality and modest grounding in the subject of general environmental sciences was enough to be considered of some use.

It actually came to the point one day where I was sent one of this scientist’s papers which needed resetting and retyping. So, I scanned the document, reset it and printed out the new copy. I was also on one occasion invited to have lunch with the scientist at the Royal College of Medicine, probably so that I could be further assessed on my abilities to understand what I had been dealing with.

One of the subjects raised, and also the subject of the paper I was asked to reset, was crop circles. I was informed that in genuine crop circles (if I recall correctly) that there is a subtle electromagnetic variation between the inside of such circles and the outside environment.

I was wondering what crop circles had to do with microwave radiation, but that later became a lot clearer. It had nothing to do with microwaves. It was to do with extraterrestrial craft entering and leaving our airspace at very low proximity to the ground. Essentially, below radar cover. What now follows helped me to understand the bigger picture.

It was in 1996, and very late in the year (if I recall correctly), that my scientist contact asked me to take a look at a property near to where I lived. It was one I passed frequently. However, I was given the warning not to make it obvious I was looking at the property and just casually stroll by, as per usual, and report any technology located on the roof of this house. I first assumed that perhaps the homeowner was a spy and this is why caution was urged. I was even told not to speak to him if I saw him - just in case I aroused his suspicions.

When I returned home later, I reported there was no equipment on his roof. The reply was "he must have it in his loft (attic) then". I thought no more about this and decided to leave the issue alone. Yes, because of my nature, I did want to find out for myself what was going on, but I did not desire being visited by some people from the establishment and being warned off.

It wasn't long after this incident that I was returning home one night after a social event. I never drink much and was, as they say, as 'sober as a judge'. A few shandies made with mild beer was my limit. As I walked to my house, at the end of a cul-de-sac, I noticed something like a helicopter hovering above my house. Except it was not a helicopter. It was a fair size, and roughly oblong in shape. It wasn't reflecting any light, but the parts that were lit up did indicate the general shape of the object. It was completely silent, despite just being feet above the roof of my house.

I did not own a decent camera back then, only a very basic one, and had no film for it anyway. So I took my binoculars and went outside again. The vehicle had gone. I wasn't sure if it was some military project and thought no more about it.

A few weeks later I was at home. It was around 10-30 pm and a clear night. As I went out onto the back yard to place some trash in my dustbin (trash can), I instinctively looked up at the roof of my house. Again, at very close quarters, a large (and I mean LARGE) saucer-shaped UFO moved away from my property and head straight for the property I was asked to spy on not so long before. When it reached the immediate vicinity of this other property, it slowly disappeared. This other property was less than 200 metres from my own, and perhaps closer to 100 metres away. There is no way such a large object could just disappear right in front of my eyes. The event was a strange one as well. It was though the horizon had being pulled forward to the UFO. It was seemingly using technology to leave this dimensions and go ... where?

When I telephoned my scientist contact to report this, all hell broke loose. I was sternly told never to talk about this over the telephone and warned never to do it again. I was left with a proverbial 'flea in my ear' for days to come. Nevertheless, and because of my rebellious streak, I wasn't going to give up the issue any time soon.

It was at the same time I was a member of another social group. It was for those working in, or have an interest in farming. It was dedicated to and made-up of single middle-aged farmers. The one farmer was a good friend of mine. Not only a very nice guy, but one of the most level-headed people you could wish to meet. He did not pay much attention to idle talk or plain nonsense.

So, when we both returning home one night from a friend's house, I asked him if he had ever seen a UFO, or even a 'crop circle'. He told me he was out in one of his fields one night, sitting on his tractor, and getting ready to return home. It was a perfectly still night. Barely a wisp of wind, if any of all. Suddenly, he said, from out of nowhere, a strong blast of wind hit him. He drove his tractor towards the direction of this incident. When he had driven a short distance, he came across a large circular marking in the ground. He could not explain it.

This made me think of what the scientist had told me not long before, and that 'crop circles' were something that was being investigated. I recalled being told that there was, inside of genuine crop circles, a subtle electromagnetic 'residue'. It then made me think that UFO's are, in fact, entering our airspace at very low level - using the technology I witnessed earlier.

There was one other report of a strange occurrence around this time. The West Mercia Police HQ was just several miles away from my property. For some reason, which they refused to explain to the media, they allowed the erection of two very tall masts which were burning very powerful flares. Why? And why the secrecy if they were not something that could simply be explained?

These were strange days, and also peppered with some other strange incidents and coincidences. But I left Worcester about one year later without any further UFO appearances that I was aware of. But there again, I wasn’t sitting outside my house every evening waiting for them to appear.

God’s Plan (or should I say ‘god’s’ plan?)

I had to mention the presence of ETs to let you understand why the human race exists. It seems the ETs that have been visiting our world for a very long time may also have a presence here. It seems we are being observed and recorded.

The old man, whose property I was asked to report on while living in Worcester, looked perfectly human. Because I passed his house several times a week, I had observed him attending his front garden on several occasions. There was nothing out of the ordinary about him.

But why did the last UFO I saw appear to disappear directly in the vicinity of his property? And why did my scientist contact ask me to report on his property in a covert manner? You can draw your own conclusions, but there appears to be two options. Either he had some connection to the ETs, or he may even have been an alien hybrid.

Alien hybrid? In the Bible it is said that God (that is the creator of the Universe as stated in the ‘good book’) created man in his own image. This is why descriptions of all celestial creatures (angels and such) appear human. If it was God who created mankind, then we should have evolved as a more advanced and civilised species. Or is God not perfect after all?

I postulate that the ‘god’ (note the small letter ‘g’) is not the God of the Universe, but in fact, a member of of an alien species. It would explain quite a lot.

So, this ‘god’, a genetic engineer, decided to create humanity. But for what purpose? Perhaps as an ‘investment’ in the security of their own existence? Considering what humans do in laboratories with animals and the manipulation of our biological functions, are we not the same? We clone, we experiment with DNA, we play god with our agriculture, etc. And why? In our respect, it is usually down to money and power. With the ETs, perhaps just to protect their own survival should they fall prey to disease on a universal scale. If they are anything like us, and they are as reckless as human beings, then that is a real possibility.


Perhaps Jesus was sent as a test for humanity. To see how he would be received and treated. If we was endowed with special properties, as our alien ancestors would be, then he would be something special.

It is said that when he was placed on the cross, he called out to his ‘father’ and asked why he had been forsaken. Perhaps it was because he was just an experiment. Maybe it was to ‘kick-start’ a process where the disciples of Jesus were also being observed in their campaign to promote the teachings of the proclaimed saviour of humanity.


One of my dream-visions was quite profound. I was facing a small group of people dressed in robes. It appeared to be around the time that Jesus would have been alive.

I was just standing there, observing. Then I felt a presence behind me. I turned, and it was Jesus. Although he remained silent, it was clearly understood that was who he was. That’s the thing about vision-dreams. You know things which do not have to be voiced or explained. It is an instinctive reaction. This was Jesus.

Although he remained silent, I could sense from his expression a degree off frustration as he looked at me. It was as though I either should not be where I was, possibly in a body-possession situation, or that he was expecting something of me which he did not feel he had the right to inform me of. Perhaps he thought I was not following the path he would wish me to follow. I do not know.

The conclusion to this part of the story is that we are all alien hybrids. We have a destiny and that will manifest itself so clearly after the devastation of our planet and the established rule of the Anti-Christ.

The Anti-Christ

“7 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 9 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.” - Revelation 12:7–10 (NIV)

If the god who created humanity wanted them to live under his influence, then why cast Satan down to Earth? Why torment humanity for millennia and test their desire to follow Satan’s way?

If the god who created humanity was perfect, this would never have happened. So was Satan cast down to earth for another reason? Was it to reduce the human race to those who would follow Satan, and be deemed worthless? And likewise, observe those who refuse to take the mark of the Best and be considered redeemable? If this is so, the god who created humanity is not one many can identify with.

So now we face the time the Anti-Christ will soon take power. If all that is known is to come to be realised, Satan’s rule is not far away.

23rd June, 2020: More material to be published soon.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff

If the purpose of the god of humanity was to create so many human specimens and test under the duress of appalling adversity, then this would show that those who are worth ‘saving’ are going to be the most valuable assets in a reborn society based upon mutual respect for everything that this planet gives to us.

No more wars, no more abuse of the environment, a green and organic society that will flourish under a new mentality of sustainability. But this can only be achieved at great cost. Only a few can make it though the ordeals to come.

We know from what many of us have read that the human race cannot sustain it’s populations. This is because of the way we live, not because of a lack of food and water. A society based upon the self-adulation of one’s own desires is not going to continue to support those they exploit for their own selfish ambitions. Ergo, humanity has to be reduced in numbers to a level that can be managed and controlled by the demonic forces that dominate our world.

With all that has gone on before, and especially now this year with the Covid-19 virus, we can see that our world will never be the same again. There is a possibility that due to millions losing their income to redundancy, to seeing their businesses fail, to becoming obsolete to the advances of technology, that work will be increasingly hard to find.

Some of the jobs that will be required to give to redundant populations on the Western world will have to be clawed-back from those third world countries who manufacture our goods for a pittance. This will be lost and those in the third world will now lose their jobs as politicians order their return to home soil. More hunger, starvation, disease. And as this will be a threat to the rest of the world, these unfortunate souls will have to pay with their lives in the sort term.

So be it by war or disease, the world’s population will be drastically reduced. Vaccines will play a role, as under the pretence of saving lives, they will cost the lives of potentially many millions, if not billions.

There is of course, the Third World War to be conducted. Is the destruction of most of the world’s populations, the ‘useless eaters’, to be determined by means of disease and vaccination? Do we really need to drop bombs upon people when we can poison them?

If you think back to the Pope’s audience hall in the Vatican, it seems there will be a nuclear war at some point. How many that will kill remains to be seen. But once this war is ended, then we shall see the Anti-Christ take his place as leader of the world.

We shall have to live in a world will mandatory laws. You will not be allowed to refuse anything the New World order lays down as dictates. You obey everything, without exception, or you are driven out of society, and perhaps even killed for resisting. A bleak future for humanity, it seems. But regardless of all that will happen, nothing lasts forever. Satan, in the form of the Anti-Christ, will fail to maintain his grip on this world. There will be a 'cleansing'. But before anything can happen, it will be required to identify those who are worth saving, and those who will be lost to the Beast. This is where Genesis 2 takes shape.

Genesis 2

Those who are observing us are quietly taking note of who is resisting the New World Order. Those who show faith in a better future for humanity are being observed. These are the people who will be removed from the planet before the ‘cleansing’.

In the Bible there is no mention of the word ‘Rapture’. It is not spoken of using this term, but the effect of the Rapture is mentioned a number of times. Biblehub reference: The Rapture.

Those who will be saved will be removed from the Earth for the intention of returning them after the final conflict between the species who created humanity and the Anti-Christ. Some will just disappear, only to be taken to a safe place. The remainder will have to accept their fate. So how will the ‘cleansing’ take place?

26th September, 2020: This page is now undergoing further editing. It should be completed soon.

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