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Update: 15th June, 2020.

I intend to expand this page more extensively in the near future.

Learning from experience. Gaining from knowledge. May 31st, 2020.

I have already given the reader some idea of my background on my sister website.

But what of my experiences? While my ‘regular’ life was remarkably unspectacular, it was peppered by events which have definite supernatural undertones. Sometimes, they were so pronounced there was no doubt some other force was having an influence upon my life.

Other force? As human beings, we are souls which occupy bodies. Look upon the body as a ‘vehicle’. The soul is the passenger. We live between two worlds where our biological functions are driving us according to what we feel, and our soul is the passenger, the navigator, which is trying to point us in the right direction. Physiology and psychology are two competing influences. Bodily needs often distract us from reason. They sometimes send us down dangerous roads. This is when the soul, the passenger, sometimes is needed to ‘grab the wheel’, and steer us in a safer direction.

But what is this ability that gives us something extra? Why is it we can sometimes display behaviour that is unexplainable? Is it something in our DNA? Or is it something that emanates from the soul? Perhaps it’s a combination of both. If so, which provides the spark?

So what can I do? What have I demonstrated (virtually) beyond question? The first observation is precognitive ability. That word, ‘precognitive’. Basically, it means: “having or giving foreknowledge of an event.” But the question is this - has the ‘event’ already occurred? More later on this theory.

23rd June, 2020: This page is now undergoing further editing.

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