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Update: 15th June, 2020.

I intend to expand this page more extensively in the near future.

A world going to Hell - and those taking it there are not coming back. May 31st, 2020.

I am not surprised by the events of 2020. Along with some others, the year was mentioned a few times. I recall one comment I read in a book published in the 1990s. It went: “We are going to have an interesting time between now and 2020”. The author knew of some great design from the year 2020 onwards.

But let’s focus upon the present. Let’s also look at some recent history that is related to the present. I include recent history in this section for that reason. I just want to briefly go over the last three decades to show how they have led to where we are now.

The plans made for the present, and the future, were laid down a long time ago. But it is since the 1990s that I began to see the bigger picture. It signalled the fall of the Soviet Union, there were the ‘Gulf wars’, rebellion across North Africa and into the non-aligned Arabic countries, etc. But moving on ...

In the UK, in December 2019, we had a general election. The result was announced on Friday, 13th December. It seemed so appropriate.

The previous Conservative Government was struggling with ‘Brexit’ legislation. Brexit was the campaign to leave Europe and make the UK independent again. The Conservatives won by a landslide. The way was now open to force through the legislation to get the UK out of Europe and decide on it’s own future. But why was this critical to other plans?

Brexit was not just about leaving a restrictive European Union (the “EU”) hell-bent on dictating rules to the UK. This was about the UK leaving Europe because of an inevitable third world war.

Now the UK had a ‘buffer zone’ between itself and Europe, the destruction of the EU as a force for unity with the critical support of the UK. Whatever fate befalls the EU now is mostly their problem.

All roads lead to Rome?

There is an old proverb which goes like this: “All roads lead to Rome.” “Said to mean that all the methods of doing something will achieve the same result in the end.” - Cambridge Dictionary.

So how do I make the association with World War III? It was one of my visions. I knew the separation was coming, but not sure when. Some may say the decision to leave Europe was as the result of a referendum some years earlier, which was only won by a narrow majority by the ‘Leave’ campaign. If the referendum had failed, I think I could safely assume that separation would still have occurred before 2020 and that some other major incident would have occurred to ensure the plan was kept intact.

The objective, as I say, is now achieved. We await the outcome of campaigns in other European countries who may also eventually leave the EU. The Americans, of course, will be pleased. The tearing apart of the EU means less competitive trading ability and the enhancement of the US’ own ambitions in the region.

But it is really the World War III issue that is in question here. When all Hell breaks lose, which it will do, sooner or later, Europe will be so fractured that it will have to depend heavily upon help from the UK. the UK, not being tied to the EU any longer, will be in a very strong bargaining position. That’s assuming the British do offer any assistance.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. What else lays in store in the next few years?

Quite conveniently timed was the outbreak of Covid-19. Perhaps another reason for the UK to distance itself from the EU? Covid-19 is a lot more than just a problem with a nasty virus - much more. That will be discussed in the ‘Future’ section.

So, the UK has got it’s Brexit. It has got an opportunity to experiment with population control. What next? There have been ‘rumblings’ from some parts of the scientific community that the Covid-19 virus was engineered. It’s almost as though (as one laboratory scientist put it) seemed to be designed to infect humans almost exclusively. But the jury is out on that one.

The scientist did say though that the laboratory he worked in was failing to replicate the same effects of the new virus in animal models. This is what raised his suspicions. But of course, one voice alone can easily be silenced. Even several can likewise be forcibly put down - if need be.

Here is another perspective:

Lab Cov

The creation of 'Covid-19'

If you think about Covid-19, and the opportunities it has given various governments to experiment with their populations, the list of observations and gains is quite impressive. For example:

  1. Geographical extent / rate of infection;
  2. The reaction and capabilities of health providers;
  3. How easily the public can be fooled;
  4. The pacifist reaction to authority;
  5. Civil disobedience reaction to authority;
  6. Test the division of society;
  7. Public uptake of tracking measures (software);
  8. Acceptance of vaccination;
  9. Acceptance of microchipping;
  10. Test 'snitching' levels;
  11. Effect of isolation;
  12. Destruction of economies / businesses;
  13. Reaction to redistribution of wealth;
  14. Control of mainstream media;
  15. Control of Government;
  16. Control of police.

What a fantastic opportunity to prepare for the New World Order. Big Brother is virtually upon us.

In the US as well as the UK, we can see how easy it is to brainwash people into making prisons for themselves in their very own homes. We can see how telling them to wear masks as a symbol of silencing revolt is acceptable. We can see how they can get people to stand apart from each other when they do manage to get out of their homes. It has been shown how they can be made to stand in lines to be served. They even draw areas for you to stand or sit in! It has been demonstrated that those who are most fearful are prepared to betray others they think are not obedient and observant of draconian laws. We see how track-and-trace can so easily be introduced - to allow the State to follow you wherever you go. And the technology to track you? It is already in the pipeline that you can be implanted with a chip you cannot remove, or should I say, will not be allowed to remove. Then there will be enforced vaccination after the nest release of a far stronger version of Covid-19, or a similar pandemic virus. The list goes on, and on.

Humanity is being conditioned for this New World Order. We are even being told that this will be the ‘new normal’ for society from this year onwards. Was there ever a state of normality?

Abnormally normal?

So we had a ‘normal’ existence before Covid-19? Seriously? When you look at the history of humanity. It has never been normal. For all the death, disease, human rights abuses, wars, exploitation, greed, etc., can we say that homo sapiens have ever been normal?


War KidsWar KidsWar KidsWar Kids War KidsWar KidsWar KidsWar Kids War KidsWar KidsWar KidsWar Kids War KidsWar KidsWar KidsWar Kids War KidsWar KidsWar KidsWar Kids

We measure normality upon the limitations of our own society, and all that we expect it to provide. If you live in a country that has social medicine, a regular pay check, time to enjoy relaxation, the provision and accessibility to affordable modern technology, etc., then life is not so bad. But if you live in a third world country and do not know where your next meal is coming from, if you have to drink polluted water and breathe in heavily polled air, have nowhere you can really call home, etc., then your ‘normality’ is radically different from someone who is far more privileged.

Normality is where everyone lives in a civilised society based upon mutual respect for others and the environment in general. It is not about that nice new pair of shoes made in a sweatshop in another part of the world where you have to work simply to be able to eat. So walk down your high street. Look at all of the shops selling goods to pander to your desires. If you think this is normal, you are seriously deranged and without any moral compass.

The privileged people who live in countries that provides to their desires raise the question of whether we are just being softened-up for the sake of completing a future agenda. Considering the compliant and feeble way people have complied with restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic scare, then the observations made will confirm that very many people are no longer willing to fight against injustice. Our mentality has been successfully manipulated into being dependent upon a system that provides for us all the things we need. And when the threat to remove these privileges is made, the queues to be vaccinated, chipped, ordered around and told to betray our neighbours, will be so easy to implement.

Virtual Assistants

Before I go, I just want to add a few words about ‘Virtual Assistants’. How many people want to accept a device into their homes that listens to what they have to say? Quite a few, it would appear. So why would you readily accept Big Brother into your homes? Virtual Assistants are just the start. Eventually, the State will want everyone to have one, just so that orders to comply with any future restrictions can be spelled out to you without hindrance. These Virtual Assistants will listen to what you say, and warn you if you dare step out of line. They will become the voice of your masters. Of course, your instructions will be given in a soft and friendly voice, but sternly remind you of your duties as an obedient servant of the State.

Enjoy your Virtual Assistant while it amuses you. One day, you may not be laughing so much.

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